BE [Happy]: What Have You Done for YOU Lately???

The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy; I mean that if you are happy you will be good. ~Bertrand Russell

What’s up my B[+] Family??? I have a question for you: What have you done for YOU lately? Everyday we go through the same routines. Wake up, go to work/school, pick up the kids (if you have any), come home, cook/clean/work on a project, go to bed and repeat. Everyday (minus weekends for some of us) we treat each day like the last one: minus special circumstances and appointments, we assume that today will be just like yesterday…nothing special…nothing different. Sometimes we get so complacent with doing the “same old thing” that we forget that each day is a present and we must cherish it as such. I already know what you’re thinking, “It’s hard to cherish anything with these bills/grades/kids/stress always in my face!”, but you’re wrong. To cherish something or someone you must simply appreciate it and acknowledge it’s value.

I’ve always tried to cherish the people that I love and respect the most by doing small but meaningful things for them. Whether it’s a smiley face text the day of a big test or bringing their favorite food to work with me. It made me feel good to know that I could make someone else feel special. Yep, I felt so happy to make others happy but after all that, I would always feel like I had forgotten something or someone. It took me a minute to realize that what/whom I forgotten was MYSELF.

It’s so easy to go about your daily routine and constantly give to everything and everyone around you, and forget about yourself, but honestly, that’s not working for me anymore. Recently, I discovered that the only way I can really be a great service to others is to be a great service to myself. So everyday, I do something just for me. I might get dressed up for no reason or listen to my favorite station on Pandora or just lay in the bed an extra ten minutes. I can and will do whatever little thing I deem necessary to make myself happy. This is a not selfish or egotistical thing, it’s just something I feel that I must do for me.

B [+] fam, it is perfectly okay to love, respect, and cherish yourself. YOU deserve a little slice of happiness so stop neglecting yourself and take it! I LOVE BEING HAPPY and you should too. So often we assume that in order to be happy we must acquire something that we don’t currently have, but what we fail to realize is that everything we need has already been placed within us. Happiness is a frame of mind; YOU control your own happiness, others can merely try to contribute. So while I still want you to help others, serve the community, and give of yourself unconditional, I also want you to make sure you’re helping, serving, and giving TO yourself as well. If you make a mistake today, it’s okay don’t let mistakes, regrets, and bad days make you feel inadequate or make you want to punish yourself. Please remember that each and every day is just another chance to get things right. So smile! Enjoy that piece of cake, take the long way home so you can play your favorite song on repeat, curl up with a good book, or take that personal time you’ve accumulated: You deserve it! :)

My Personal Happy Day Soundtrack (Enjoy):

  1. Golden
  2. Fancy
  3. I Know
  4. Brighter Day
  5. Paper Planes (Remix)

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