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About B.Positive Magazine

B.Positive Magazine StaffB.Positive Magazine was founded on October 16, 2010 by Tiffeny R. Curier. With a need to invoke more of a positive presence in the city of Birmingham, founder, Tiffeny Curier manifest an idea to start an online magazine, that captured the true presence of Birmingham, AL. Embracing our city’s historical past our motto, Bringing the Positive Back to the Community, says it all. Dispelling the once negative mindset she had towards the city herself, Tiffeny Curier along with her team of dedicated individuals, have been hard at work developing a platform that allows users to connect with each other beyond the computer.

B.Positive Magazine Mission

Geared towards young professionals ages 23-39 B.Positive Magazine has it all; from local entertainment, community events, the places to b{+}, to local news and event coverage. B.Positive Magazine is a family friendly website and your one stop shop for all the latest in entertainment, life styles, and hot topics. We are more than an online presence, we are a team of dedicated individuals determined to invoke positivity in the community as well as offer enriching content to stimulate the mind. We here at B.Positive Magazine won’t stop until the citizens of Birmingham, AL adapt a more positive outlook on our city and the progression of change is omnipresent.