B+ Exclusive: Celebrity Shoe Designer Sam Edelman Appears at Belk

Sam Edelman Apperas at BelkCelebrity shoe designer Sam Edelman made a guest appearance at “Belk The Summit” for a very special event supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. Sam met with fans, showcasing his spring collection, and making a generous $10,000 donation to the BCRFA (Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama), which Belk has agreed to match.

I had the prestigious pleasure of interviewing Mr. Edelman for B.Positive Magazine readers. I must say that he is the epitome of a designer.

Tell us how you got interested in shoe design?

“…I had to put together a collection of shoes out of California, I really had never done it before. I remember sitting in my office, and I was alone while Libby was at home with our baby who is currently our Vice President of Sales, and I had to figure out how to design shoes. I remember starting with Footwear News and playing with the shapes and colors. It takes a tremendous amount of research.

Sam Edelman Appears at Belk

Who is the woman who wears Sam Edelman shoes?

“She is usually 17-29 years old, fashion-forward and culturally aware girl who has a creative and individual sense of style.  She’s daring with her wardrobe, mixing high and low as well as vintage with seasonal collections; she comes across as an effortless dresser.”

What are the various types of materials you require for shoe designing?

“We work a lot with leathers, fabrics, and other superior quality materials.”

If you could give any advice to your fans, what would it be?

Be fearless, creative.. live a creative life.”

…we asked a few more questions, but I will release a video with the full interview. Until then please enjoy these images taken from the event.

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