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“Green Bottoms” A Fashion Love Story

MelanieM and Donald J Pliner

Last week celebrity shoe & handbag designer Donald J. Pliner made a guest appearance at Belk in the Summit. Pliner showcased designs from his Spring 2012 collection, and signed merchandise for fans. I had the esteem privilege to briefly interview Mr. Pliner for our B.Positive Magazine Readers.

If you are unfamiliar with Pliner’s shoes, you are certainly missing out on unique shoe patterns and colors that can take a seemingly boring outfit to another fashion level. Donald J. Pliner has been in the shoe industry for quite some time now. In fact Pliner got his start by working in his cousin’s shoe store in California. It was this work experience that lead Donald to open his first shoe store in 1967. Since the opening of Pliner’s first shoe store, he has continuously been at work designing original shoes.

Donald Jo Pliner The Pliner shoe and handbag empire is not just a one man show. Creative director Lisa Pliner, Donald’s wife, also contributes to the success of the company with her self entitled footwear collection “Lisa for Donald J Pliner”. While the Pliners have a keen eye for style, the husband & wife duo also understand the importance comfort. Fashion gurus love the Pliner brand, and often return to purchase more due to their shoes’ comfort and craftsmanship.

Ladies, we can attest to having to consistently choose between sitting in fabulous heels and standing in okay but not so cute flats. –MelanieM

Why The Green Bottoms?

If you’re a fan of Lisa for Donald J Pliner, then you know there is a signature green sole underneath all the shoes in the collection. Donald explains his reasoning behind the “green soles” on the women’s shoes derived from his wife Lisa’s green eyes. Pliner has a deep affinity for his wife stating, “I met my wife Lisa on a blind date and immediately fell in love.” Lisa Pliner attributes the green soles to a significance of life and celebrating all things good – growth, renewal, health and environment.

Lisa may take the crown for “green bottoms” however, Donald’s men’s shoes have just as much flash as the women’s. Donald says he draws his inspiration from the entertainment industry. Donald feels “Everyone wants to be a rock star.” With whimsical patterns such as leopard print, Donald’s shoes for men are filled with colors and prints not usually seen in men’s fashion. Donald simply says “Guys are coming out of their closets. Men are figuring out that it is okay to wear patterns and colors.” No more brown and black on the feet, guys, it’s time to step out of the box and step into fashion. Bold is the new you so go out and try a colorful shoe for a change.

Both Donald and Lisa Pliner’s shoes are available at your local Belk store. You can also view and purchase their products at http://www.donaldjpliner.com.

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