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Hey guys I know it has been a while since I have posted but I am finally back with another health topic, Amnesia.

Yesterday I was watching Dr. Phil of Opera Winfrey’s new network “OWN” and they had a featured guess who suffered from what appeared to be a serious case of Amnesia. The un-named male was found beaten and stranded in a lot located in the state of Georgia.  A psychiatric nurse found him unconscious and sought out to get him medical help. As I began to watch the segment unfold I could not help but think, “ What’s so special about this story it just sound like a “Good Samaritan” who was destined to help this man.” Suddenly the story took a twist, upon him gaining his conscious back the man had no recognition of his life prior to the traumatic incident that had taken place. The nurse found herself in a situation because the man did not know his prior life therefore she could not contact his family to give them notice of his location and his health status. Given her background as a psychiatric nurse she began to recognize the clinical signs of Amnesia and wanteddesperately to help the man get his life back and more importantly reconnect with his family.

So what is Amnesia and more importantly what causes it? Amnesia is the sudden lost of memory such as facts, and experiences. Many people who suffer from amnesia are clinically diagnosed with having “Amnestic Syndrome”. Those who suffer from this condition are very articulate educated individuals who have problems forming memories or remembering information. Doctors are uncertain of the underlying cause of what actually impairs the brain’s cognitive response but its is greatly hypothesized that traumatic encounter a person might undergo can cause a mental block. Amnesia can be difficult to diagnose because brain scan often imaged via CAT-scan can make the brain appear healthy.

How do you recognize the symptoms of Amnesia?

A person might be experiencing an impaired ability to learn new information following the onset of amnesia, known as Anterograde Amnesia. Impaired ability to recall past events and previously familiar information known as Retrograde Amnesia.

Other signs might include but are not limited to:

When do you seek physician help?
    1. If you are experiencing any of these sings without explanation.
    2. Suffered from head trauma.
    3. Experience confusion or dissociation in moderation.

If you are experiencing these symptoms or you know someone who is experiencing these symptoms please seek medical attention and be sure to ask for a CAT-scan and/or MRI.

Please visit to find more literature about Amnesia, learn the clinical signs, and steps to seek medical health as well as prevention.

Living life healthy one day at a time.

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