Being a green mom

Nicola is a mum of two boys and when not looking after them writes for a baby boy names website. The site however is more than just baby names! It have comprehensive information on pregnancy tips, breastfeeding, and pregnancy week by week.

Being a green mom by Nicola Sanders

Everybody wants to be green but many don’t really know how to go about it. Can you make it part of your daily routine? Many also think it’s pointless due to emerging economies like china and India causing so much pollution. Well I would say we all have to do our bit, everyone has the responsibility to make sure we pass the planet on to our children in a reasonable condition! Think about your child’s future. This will probably impact on their lives more than us, but we are already seeing effects of global warming.

Buy local.

Local markets and farmers markets not only produce excellent quality products, you also help the environment by cutting back on transport costs. My opinion is that food from farmers markets tends to be better than supermarket food. Also you can pick up plenty of good information from the people on the market. It also helps your local community grow and gets you to meet new local people.

Also to cut back on transport cost buy foods when there are in season. Don’t buy vegetables and fruits that are out of season as they have to be imported – if we all buy foods when they are in season transport pollution would be massively reduced.

Unplug items you are not using.

This is so simple but many people don’t do it. Don’t leave anything on standby as it still uses significant amounts of energy. Switch all lights off and unplug everything at night. Not only is leaving your electrical appliances on a night a fire risk, it still uses energy! Many people think that standby and sleep modes use only a fraction of the energy but this is not true!


This makes me mad sometimes! Why do some companies use so much packaging!

Bottled water

Another thing that really gets on my wick! Why buy bottled water when you can get it out the tap! Recent figures put the worldwide consumption at 154 billion litres of bottled water! The bottles are made from a bye product of crude oil. We have the transport pollution and waste of fuel transporting the water and then we have the landfill sites filling up with the leftover bottles! Total madness! Buy a re-usable water bottle and fill it up with water before you leave the house. Saves you money and stops pollution!

Make sure you get your kids involved

This is the most important thing you should do! Ask their teacher about what green incentives they are running, most schools nowadays run things both kids and parents can get involved in, if they don’t then pressure them to start doing so!

Make sure kids are involved at every stage in the recycling within the home. You might be surprised at how they want to get involved. They will be giving you a row over not towing the line shortly!

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