Writer’s Block, Issue 2: "Lovely Day"

What happened to black love? This is one of the many questions left unanswered in the wake of another depressing Tyler Perry film. I know this is gonna fuel anger from the TP Gangstas out there. Why are so many black women single? Because they flock in droves to movies like For Colored Girls. But seriously, can you honestly say you left out that movie feeling better than you did going in? I remember when going to the movies was an escape from the illicit intricacies of life. Where are the Love Jones 2′s, the Best Man 2′s, The Wood 2′s? Sadly an entire generation’s definition of black love will be shaped by million dollar grossing tales of abuse, deceit, despair, and other subjects we’d like to avoid. Have no fear BStuc is here! Please enjoy my attempts to restore that ever elusive dream that sorely avoids the bulk us. Here’s to a beautiful week filled with lovely days.

Lovely Day
By Brandan “BStuc” Stuckey

This might sound corny
but I thought about you in the early morning
as the sun peaks
my pen leaks
thoughts of us on winning streaks
it starts with something uniQue
a candle lit or how you sit on a mighty fine physique
you’ve sparked my intrigue
To the point where I’m QG’ed
I mean GQ’ed
don’t mean to be rude
but you’ve caused my eyes to be glued
don’t get it misconstrued
I did have thoughts of you in the nude
But I was gonna ask if we can get some food
as we get dressed in glory and adorning
But it starts with one step so I say to you Good Morning!

And then She crossed my mind again
almost like a distant twin
As I’m left hurt
That I cant see her in a skirt
or decked out in her decadence
Its hard out for a man of excellence to find a woman with such elegance
So let this be a lesson of persistence
That the mission of ambition finds you with the jazz of June
and I grab your hand and bid you a good afternoon

Now as the sun sets and the moon shines
I so look forward to our goods times
from the love games to the pet names
see grieving is deceiving like believing is achieving
all will come soon so let me end it with Good Evening…

Brandan “BStuc” Stuckey is a native of Birmingham and the author of the first book of spoken word entitled The Last Words Will Be Spoken. Visit his site at www.bstuchasspoken.com

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