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Founder, Tiffeny Curier posing with Patrick Scott

A few weeks ago you may recall Nightlife contributor Monica Byrd covering a story about the annual Arts, Beats, and Lyrics event hosted by Gentleman Jack. While attending the event I was able to get the chance to briefly speak with Patrick Scott, an Atlanta based musician, and exchange contact information. Patrick and I got a chance to talk more in dept over the phone about his music career and we manged to get a few laughs in at the end….. check out details of our conversation below!

TiffenyC. How old were you when you first started making music.
I always had a passion for music and began recording at the age of about 14 or 15. I loved listening to groups like Metallica. I would sing along to their music all the time.

TiffenyC. Wait so you were into hardcore metal, with all the screaming and stuff. [laughs]
Yes. I loved them. I was also inspired by artists such as John Mayer.

TiffenyC. So I know you play guitar from seeing you at the event, but what other instruments do you play outside of guitar?
I play several instruments including keys, bass, drums, harmonica, guitar and the mandolin

TiffenyC. Wow, your kind of a jack of all trades..[laughs] Who in the music industry right now would you say you sound the most like, in other words who would you compare your sound to?
If your referring to genre wise I would have to say The Fray, One Republic, John Mayer, and B.O.B.

TiffenyC. Wow, I love B.O.B. I think he represents real hip hop culture. So Patrick if you were given the opportunity to work with different artists of your choice who would you choose and why?
Hmm..I would have to say Dave from the Foo Fighters because he is so innovative. If it is a hip hop track maybe somebody like Andre 3000.

TiffenyC. So how exactly did you hear about Art, Beats, and Lyrics? How long have you been on traveling with the tour?
Its funny because that night was my first performance with Art, Beats, and Lyrics. I actually met Hustle, the guy who was rapping and the MC for the night, at a performance I had in Midtown Atlanta about 4-5 days before the event. Hustle walks in, started free-styling, and I was like he’s great. Next thing you know the group invited me to the Birmingham event. So it was my first time for everything.

TiffenyC. Really, you did really well for the first performance on tour. How is it touring and where are you guys heading off to next?
I drove to Birmingham myself but overall its a pretty cool atmosphere. The next performance is St. Louis, November 12th.

TiffenyC. What are you bringing different to the industry, what sets Patrick Scott apart from the other artist currently out?
One major thing is my writing ability, most musicians don’t do a lot of their own writing. I really just try to get my thoughts out and concentrate on what people really want to hear.

TiffenyC. Patrick where do you see yourself five years from now?
Patrick S.
Definitely working with a few more artist. I would like to be pursuing music full time and have put out a full album with about three or four different genres. I also hope to do more hip hop.

TiffenyC. If you had to choose three words to describe yourself which three words would you choose?
Energetic, outgoing, and polite.

TiffenyC. If you had to write about three topics what topics would you choose to write about?
Of course one would automatically be relationships and women. The second one would be life in general and just how hard life can sometime get. I would talk about how you have to just stick with life no matter the outcome. Last I would talk about people loving people, and crossing racial boundaries.

TiffenyC. I think its important we cross racial boundaries. We could realize how much we all really have in common with each other if we just took time out to stop the hate and see.

TiffenyC. So now is the really random and fun part of our interview. I’m just going to ask you very random questions that dont pertain to music at all. [laughs]
[laughs] Ok.

TiffenyC. If you had to go by an alias or a stage persona similar to Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce what would it be?
Well I actually use go by Patrick Hoydar, Hoydar is actually my real last name. No one could ever pronounce Hoydar and it was really confusing so I changed my stage name to Patrick Scott. Scott is my middle name.

TiffenyC. Oh okay. That’s so crazy. [laughs] So if you were trapped on an island what one item would you bring?
Given I have the essentials I would have to say my guitar one hundred percent.

TiffenyC. Lets say you win one million dollars and you have only a day to spend it, how would you spend your money?
I would have to definitely throw a few thousand to my parents and a lot would go to a music foundation I want to start. The foundation would serve as some type of after school function that was music related, so I would purchase guitars, amps, etc.

TiffenyC. Whats your most used phrase?
Its actually something really corny that I say all the time when I’m leaving or hanging up the phone, its Peace Out.

TiffenyC. Are you serious? That has to be an Atlanta thing because my best friend Bre attends college in Atlanta and she says Peace Out all the time. [laughs] I swear I say it all the time now too! Are you single or taken?
Happily taken. My girlfriend is very supportive and usually tries to come out and support me as much as she can.

TiffenyC. So were at the last question, its a really fun one. What super word would you make up? Similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Even though this is a word already I would have to say janky. I love that word.

TiffenyC. Well Patrick its been my pleasure to interview you. I hope we can keep in contact.

To hear music from Patrick Scott check out his website at www.patrickscottmusic.com.

You may also find Patrick Scott on: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Reverbnation, Purevolume

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