Stop Having All Those Babies-Duggars 20th Pregnancy

Michelle Duggar pregnant with 20th childJim Bob and Michelle Duggar have once again surfaced on the media pool with the announcement of baby number 20. Forty-Five years of age, Michelle Duggar says she’s not too worried about her 20th pregnancy. The mom to be is very confident verbalizing, “I’m really in better shape than I’ve been in 20 years.”

The news of the couple’s 20th pregnancy came as a shock to fans. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made the obvious “big” announcement on Tuesday in a segment highlighting their family’s TLC series on the Today Show. Jim Bob jokingly says “I don’t know how it happened. We didn’t want to stop at an odd number.” Almost flabbergasted, news journalist Ann Curry asked the couple was this pregnancy planned, and was it a goal for the couple to have twenty kids.

To be honest, the news of the 20th pregnancy did not come as a shock to me, I would have been more surprised had the couple decided to have a vasectomy or tubes tied. Ann Curry asked the question I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Why is 19 kids not enough?” Michelle Duggar simply responded, “We have the motto in our house, there’s always room for one more.”

While I feel on the fence about Michelle Duggar’s 20th pregnancy, many have argued that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should have called it quits after such a tumultuous pregnancy and birth of 19th child Josie Duggar. The Duggars however, assertively believe in the biblical principle of procreation. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have each stated they view each of their children as a blessing from God.

On a blog site where the news of Michelle Duggar’s pregnancy was shared there was an outrage of hurtful and very opinionated comments. One reads:

She barely survives the last pregnancy… yet here they are again. Sorry, but, if something tragic happens this time around, I won’t feel the least bit sorry for the Duggar. It comes a time when you just have to stop having kid, whether or not the Bible tells you to – which it really doesn’t… 19′s is quite enough. –Anonymous

A huge part of me wants to follow the crowd and scrutinize Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for wanting to have 20 children, although for different reasons from most (that’s another blog post). However, a bigger voice inside me says, “Who cares, it’s their business.” I’ll be the first to list my top 5 reason the Duggars can continue to have as many children as they like. Why is everyone so judgmental of their child-bearing, after all they are not committing a crime.

Top Reasons Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Can Continue to Have Children
  1. The Duggars are in a committed marriage

  2. They are financially secure and can support the child without governmental assistance

  3. They are practicing within their beliefs

  4. The Duggars are not violating any laws

  5. It’s their humanly freedom/right to have as many children as they would like without anyone’s approval but their own.

Call it the rebellion in me but the more I think about the facts the more I become #teamduggar. While this is considerably my top 5 reasons why the Duggars are not at fault for having 20 kids, I would love to hear your opposing arguments.

My question to you all, Do you arguably agree their should be a limit on how many kids one should be allowed have, and is the Duggar clan singlehandedly responsible for “overpopulation”? Or are you on the opposing side (#teamduggar) and feel the Duggars are operating within their rights and abiding by God’s law. I would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below and remember to rate this post.

To view the segment on the “Today Show” with the announcement from the Duggars click here.

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