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BNB Leadership Team, (ltr) Javacia, Chanda, Katrina, Crystal, Martha, Cherie


The Birmingham Natural Beauties, started by Katrina Watson, hosted their monthly meet up at the Wine Loft Tuesday, August 9, 2011. In case you are wondering exactly what the Birmingham Natural Beauties is, it’s a Birmingham based networking & support group for women who are natural, transitioning to natural, or have an interest in becoming natural. The group is exclusively for women, however, men are more than welcome to come out and fellowship as well.

This month’s event, Tress Relief, included a brief welcome speech from Katrina Watson accompanied with details about upcoming events and trips. Crystal Goodman, Sun Stretching, recited an inspiring poem, which sparked a conversation about the “Natural Hair Journey.” Javacia Harris Bowser, Georgiamae.com, opened the floor to those in attendance to share their hair journey stories. Edna, a very vibrant sixty-seven year old woman, shared her story of self-acceptance and self-love of her natural hair. Edna also said something that I’m sure  inspired many of  us :

I have to do what pleases me, because if I am happy with me it doesn’t matter what the world says. Ladies, if you’re happy with you the world will be happy with you too. They can feel when you are not happy with yourself so whatever size/shape you are be fine with what you have.

Darrius Peace, Hayah Cosmetics, challenged us all to remove the word “nappy” from our speech, when referring to the texture of our natural hair. He explained the word “nappy” has a negative connotation, and it’s normally used to describe the texture of fabric rugs, or animal hair. In replace of the word nappy use phrases such as “My hair is coily or curly.”

There were many prizes awarded at the event, along with a spectacular fitness hula-hoop demonstration from Nichele Hoskins. Joining the Birmingham Natural Beauties for the night were their sister group, Birmingham Naturalistas, started by Keisa Sharpe and co-managed with Marliceia Chavers.  In total there were about sixty women in attendance for the Tress Relief meet up.

Tress Relief was a success and I can’t wait for the next natural hair meet up. A special thanks to Katrina and her team of wonderful individuals, for providing such a positive environment for women to socialize in. If you’re interested in joining the Birmingham Natural Beauties or the Birmingham Naturalistas please be sure to visit their groups via Facebook. If you would like to know when future meet ups take place feel free to subscribe to the email list by clicking here.

***Bonus Video from the BNB Tress Relief Event***


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