Morning Smoothie Anyone?

In lieu of my effort to get healthier, here is a wonderful smoothie recipe you can use as an alternative to replace your meal of choice! I posted this via Facebook that I was drinking a meal replacement smoothie and I got a lot of feedback to post the recipe so without further ado…

What you will need

4 oz (1/2 cup) of skim/almond milk
1 cup of fruit of choice (I use unsweetened frozen fruit)
5 baby carrots
1 scoop of protein or 1/4 cups of nonfat dry milk
1 Tbs of turbinado  (A dark brown fine-grained crunchy specialty sugar. It is a completely pure, natural, and chemical free sugar)
*Optional* 4/5 pieces of ice if your using unfrozen fresh fruit


In a blender add the milk, fruit, carrots, protein, then turbinado in that order. Next put the lid on and blend away. If your using frozen fruit depending on your blender you may have to use the chop feature first and then blend. I didn’t add any ice because my fruit was frozen but if your using fresh fruit add 4 to five peaces before blending. Although this is my recipe please feel fruit to add any vegetables or fruit you would like! Not only is this great for losing weight it also is a great alternative to get you daily amount of fruit, veggies, and vitamins! You can even reduce the amount of protein used and add just fruit and veggies for an awesome treat to give to your kids!

*Tip: If your smoothie is to thick for some odd reason add water! Also have a spatchuler or butter knife hand in case you need to scrape some of your smoothie out of the blender!


This recipes will produce 2 cups of smoothie which is equal to 16oz. Your smoothie will have a thicker consistency if you use protein vs the dry nonfat milk. Some proteins have a very chalky medicine taste, two brands I find to be great are the Lean Body Vanilla Ice Cream, and Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme. I used these in the past because I worked at Planet Smoothie and they were free to me, however they are a bit costly.  Another alternative is using 100% Aloe Vera juice in place of the milk for an even healthier approach!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like more like this in the future!

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