Ted's Restaurant

Today I met Nick at one of Birmingham’s premier dining destinations, Ted’s Restaurant. Ted’s is a family owned meat ‘n’ three restaurant that has graced Birmingham with its presence for many years. It is located on Southside, near UAB. They serve breakfast and lunch to many hungry patrons; I witnessed that today!

Ted’s Restaurant has the feel of an old diner. One of the restaurant’s main color schemes is green.The waiters wear green t-shirts, the padding on the booths are green and the cabinets are green. Did I mention that green is my favorite color, so that might be a reason to make this my new favorite restaurant, lol! However, I’ve got many more reasons on why I enjoyed my experience.

Nick told me to be there at 11am, so that we could beat the crowd. Indeed we did beat the long line, but they weren’t too far behind us. Ted’s Restaurant attracts a diverse crowd of people including, doctors, students, teachers, photographers, retired people, and many more. Everyone seems to love Ted’s!

Upon walking in, the main door, there is a buffet of food on the left with a friendly staff of workers ready to fix your plate. Both of these women were so nice and they just had a positive spirit. There is only a handful of  “meat ‘n’ three” places, that I’ve gone to, in Birmingham where the buffet workers treat you with respect, and are not trying to rush you through the line; furthermore, Ted’s Restaurant is one of them.

The first section of the buffet contained all of the meats, such as baked Greek chicken, beef tips, fried chicken, and fried fish. The next section had all of the veggies, like candied yams, cabbage, and mac & cheese. Once I got my vegetables, I could choose whether I wanted cornbread, a biscuit, or a roll. Next, I grabbed my dessert item from an array of scrumptious looking homemade desserts, which were located above the buffet.

After we got our plates, our waitress directed us to our booth and we began to chow down on our food. Nick got the veggie plate with green beans, broccoli, squash, mac & cheese, and cornbread.

He loves this place!

I had the Greek baked chicken, green beans, corn, mac & cheese, and cornbread. I loved every item of food that I had, especially the cornbread.

For dessert, I ate the peach cobbler.  After the first bite, my eyes rolled into the back of my head twice; ask Nick lol! All of it was “muy delicioso” !(Very delicious). I could really taste the freshness of the peaches.

While we where eating I met the manager and the owner, both of these guys are awesome and they know how to please the customers while running a successful business. Every food item that we ate at Ted’s Restaurant, seemed to have been made with love. And I’ve learned that when you cook with love and passion, your food reflects that and everyone loves it!

Ted’s is also available to do the catering for any of your events. Check them out!


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