How about those "Glee" pictures?

(credit: GQ, Google)

Okay, for any Gleeks at the website, this one is for you.

Recently, there’s been some controversy surrounding the actors of Glee, particularly Dianna Agron (left), Cory Monteith (center), and Lea Michele (right). In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, the two girls are portrayed as one of the most popular male fantasies–fresh, highly sexualized high-school girls, complete with red lollipops (click here to see the pictures in question). Meanwhile, Monteith, the only male in the photoshoot, is frequently clothed in layers–one picture has him in two shirts and an overcoat! The Parents Television Council has since come out against the pictures, stating:

It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way…It borders on pedophilia … Many children who flocked to High School Musical have grown into Glee fans. They are now being treated to seductive, in-your-face poses of the underwear-clad female characters posing in front of school lockers, one of them opting for a full-frontal crotch shot. By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction. And it isn’t good for families.

Agron has released a well thought-out statement which states how she apologizes for how the photos came across, stating:

[I]n perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotions, I am sorry. If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention.

(for the full statement, click here)

So, with that said, I put it to you: Do you think that the Glee GQ photoshoot was bordering on pedophilia, was just a “regular” level of disgusting, or are you unaffected? Sound off below. I’ll start off by throwing in my two cents–at least Agron is wearing a skirt throughout the photoshoot, unlike Michele.

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