Dreaming Of A Green Christmas? Here Are 8 Ways To Green Your Holidays!

  1. Make your Christmas tree green! The easiest and most eco-sound way to decorate your home for Christmas is to buy a living tree.  Once Christmas is over, you can either replant the tree, or recycle it. Check Earth911.com for your local resource.
  2. Recycle your wrapping paper, cards, envelopes and boxes. While wrapping paper that contains foil cannot be recycled, you can reuse wrapping paper from year to year if care is taken to neatly fold and store it until the following year.  You can also compost it, crumple it and use it in lieu of tissue paper.
  3. Switch to LED Christmas lights. Most of us know how super-efficient LED lights are, so why not use them for the holidays?  LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional lights.  That more than makes up for the initial additional cost!
  4. Make or buy recycled ornaments. Up through the mid-1800’s, almost all Christmas ornaments were handmade.  Families would make ornaments from pine cones, pieces of cloth, fruit and berries and pieces of wood.  Start a new tradition by making these types of ornaments together, or buy ornaments made from recycled materials which are sold at: Amazon.com, Greatgreengoods.com, and other online retailers.
  5. Give an experience. Instead of giving a wrapped gift, give the gift of an experience, such as a gift certificate for services at a local spa, restaurant, golf course, etc.  Cloud9.com offers a wide variety of experiences, including sky diving!
  6. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. Tons of drinks are consumed during the holidays.  It’s a great opportunity to recycle glass, cans and plastic bottles. Also, check with your local recycling center to see if glass ornaments are accepted.
  7. Donate old and unwanted toys, clothes and gifts. Start the new year off right- out with the old (and unwanted) and in with the new!  Dozens of local charities will be happy to accept your castoffs.  As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  8. Recycle your packing peanuts. Did you really take advantage of Cyber Monday?  If so, you’ll have tons of packing peanuts, and other shipping materials on-hand.  Most UPS Stores accept clean foam packing peanuts of all sizes, shapes and colors for reuse.  For more info, visit www.ups.com.
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