The "H Bar" is Happening!

I went to another event at the Hotel Highland Conference Center this week, and after the meeting, my god-father and I were hungry and not sure where to eat. Then I remembered about the H Bar, which is located inside of the Hotel Highland, so we decided to try it out.

The H-Bar reminds me of a small lounge. It has an ambiance that is appealing, with its relaxed setting of vibrant colored sofas and contemporary lighting, it is the hip place for the cool and sophisticated at heart. The bar is loaded with a variety of alcohol, everything from the ingredients needed to make their signature martinis, to the best imported brews. The H Bar has live music every day except for Sundays. The night we went, the Shaun Pezant Trio was the live act. They are a neo-soul band who performs jazz and r&B music.

The Birmingham Urban League was having a networking event at the same time we visited the H Bar. There were plenty of people in this small space; however, I didn’t feel cramped. Maurice and I were fortunate enough to get one of the few tables available, so that we could eat dinner. This was also great because we got to network and eat at the same time, how awesome!

I started off with the Mandarin Orange signature martini. (Sorry I didn’t get a pic because I was too busy talking and forgot) It was a bit tart but very good; one of the main flavors that I tasted was orange juice. Maurice just wanted a glass of water.

Eventually, we ordered our entrees. Maurice got the Grilled Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Salad. I got the Grilled Pork Chops with French Fries ( I substituted the mashed potatoes).

The H Bar doesn’t have a kitchen attached to it, so the food is prepared downstairs in the hotel kitchen. Furthermore, once a customer places an order, a kitchen rep brings the food to the bar on a rolling cart. I’m happy to say that the food is wrapped in plastic, so germs and bugs can’t touch it!

All of our food came out at the same time; I would have preferred to eat my salad before the entree came out.

All I can say is that the H Bar takes pork chops to a whole new level, they were grilled and well seasoned. The french fries were fresh and crispy. I thought they would have been soggy because of the steam from the plastic wrap, however, they weren’t.

Maurice enjoyed the pork chop and salad as well, but he commented that his mashed potatoes were kind of cold.

Despite the salad issue and the cold mashed potatoes, both of us had excellent things to say about the H Bar. Our waitress and the staff took excellent care of us. We enjoyed great music, delicious food, and favorable customer service. What more can I ask for?


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