Superbowl Jr.???

It happens around the same time every year: houses are divided, friendships are tested, and family’s are broken, but only for one night—Iron Bowl. Every year Alabama and Auburn fans come together to support their team in what is shaping up to be the BIGGEST college football game of the year. With ticket prices ranging from $250 – $1,892, it has become obvious that the Iron Bowl is going to be THE game to watch this year.  On Friday, November 26, 2010 in Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL a lot of questions will be answered: Who will win the Heisman? Who’s going to win the SEC Championship? Who’s going to represent the SEC in the National Championship? If both teams keep their current pace, EVERYTHING will be on the line. Even though Alabama suffered a lost earlier in the season, they are still a major threat to Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers. The Tigers are currently ranked number one in the BCS polls and are in full control of their own destiny, but with the past three number one teams falling in the ranks, the Tigers can’t afford to get too comfortable with their new title.

After such a dominating season last year, powerhouse Alabama fell victim to complacency and suffered an ego-busing loss to South Carolina. After being tormented by their first lost in almost two years, the Tide’s focus has been re-centered. The defending national champs can no longer rely on their “flawless” record and must now go back to the basics and focus on playing with depth and consistency. In last week’s game against Tennessee, the Tide certainly focused its attention on handling the Vols with a 41-10 victory. If  Alabama can keep their current pace and make it to Iron Bowl with a 10-1 record, there will be a lot on the line for the Crimson Tide.

Recently ranked number one Auburn is currently in control of their own destiny. This season, the Tigers have shown an offensive explosion on the field. First year sensation Cam Newton, is currently leading the Heisman race and is also receiving media attention for being the number one rusher in the country. Other sports analysts have even gone so far as to compare Newton to the legendary Bo Jackson but I beg to differ. Although Newton is very talented, he is also a 21-year old junior whose counterparts are 18 and 19 years old. This raises the argument that even though Newton is basically carrying the Tigers on his back, if he were to be placed on a pro team with rookies the same age as him, would he still be so dominant on the field?

Overall, this year’s Iron bowl will be a strong indicator of who will not only win that game, but also the SEC Championship, the Heisman Trophy, and the National Championship. When the stands fill with Blue & Orange and Crimson & White on that fateful Friday afternoon, the whole world will get to watch the best rivalry in college football decide the future of the BCS.

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