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Sweet Home Alabama! Women from various cities in Alabama took the stage on Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel in Birmingham, AL. Delegates were competing for the Miss Division(ages 18-29), Ms. Division(ages 30 & up), Mrs. Division (ages 20 & up married) Alabama Plus America titles.

The Alabama Plus America Pageant is the first exclusive full figured pageant in the state of Alabama. Our pageant focuses on inner beauty overall, 50% of the pageant scores were based on an interview with three judges over the course of the two day event.  The other areas these women competed in were dressy pantwear (25% of their score) and evening gown (25% of their score). Each delegate has a platform that they promoted as well.

This year’s winners are Bianca Ross-Miss Alabama Plus America, Traci Ann Moore-Ms. Alabama Plus America, Michelle Jackson-Howard-Mrs. Alabama Plus America. These ladies will represent Alabama at the National Miss Plus America pageant July 2011 in Dallas, Texas at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel. To see all the contestants go to the Miss Alabama Plus America website at www.missplusamerica.com/alabama.asp.

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