Tiffeny's Homeade Conditioner Recipe

Natural Conditioner Recipe

Homeade Conditioner

This is how the final product should look. This particular batch was hand mixed henceforth the small lumps.

The other day I washed my hair and after I finished, my hair was dry as a whistle. I decided to make myself a homemade deep conditioner. We all know the key to maintaining a good head of natural hair is to retain a great balance of moisture and healthy diet. We wont cover the healthy diet right now but for a few recipes you can check out my other blog here.

This recipe uses all natural ingredients and has little to no chemicals in it. If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, or any form of dermatitis then this recipe is definitely for you.

You will need

1tsp 100 % Aloe Vera Juice
2 tbs Shea Butter
1tbs Pure Olive Oil
2tbs Fresh Avocado
2tbs Mayonnaise
1 Egg
1tsp Honey
1/2 tsp Pure glycerin

Utensils needed

Hand mixer
Measuring utensil
Empty container

Lets get started

First you should soften your shea butter by popping it in the microwave. Its important that you don’t completely melt the shea butter. Next add your mayonnaise, followed by the egg, honey, olive oil, aloe vera juice, and glycerin. Now its time to add the avocado. The reason you add the avocado just before blending is because avocado is very sensitive to light and will brown very quickly. Power up your hand mixer and mix all the ingredients together. If you don’t have a hand mixer you can still make this recipe but you will be faced with seeds from the avocado in your final product. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed you can section your hair and apply the conditioner. After the application allow the conditioner to stay in your head for at least 30 mins. Be sure to place a plastic cap or bag to cover your head up. After your time is up rinse thoroughly and you should be left with a shiny head of moisturized hair. I hope you guys enjoy the recipe and let me know how it turns out for you!

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